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The world's leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange since 2014. Inventor of the Perpetual Swap.

Job Description

We are looking for a Trading Data Engineer to join BitMEX as we continue to build a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem. We value attention to detail, speed and simplicity. As a global business operating a 24/7 exchange, we seek out those who are adaptable and can work across markets and time zones.

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The Trading and Market Data team is responsible for producing and providing access to the vast amount of BitMEX trading-related data and market data via APIs for both internal and external stakeholders. BitMEX’s clients make thousands of queries per second to a rich data set of both public and private trading data including real-time position and order book information and time-series-based execution and order data.

The team provides a flexible and performant API for clients to efficiently access this data. The team also builds and maintains the firm’s Market Data infrastructure, including market data feed handlers, data capture storage and analytics for various cryptocurrency exchanges, and also calculates the real-time index prices used to value client positions.


The Trading Data Engineer has the following responsibilities:

  • Design, development, maintenance and support of fault-tolerant, containerised distributed systems of microservices in the Trading Data space, such as market data feed handlers, data warehouse feed/read systems and the like.
  • Implementation of new features/systems within greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Collaboration with peers, and internal and external users on technical design and direction


The Trading Data Engineer role has the following requirements:

  • Have a Computer Science/Engineering degree
  • 3+ years of writing Java components in a distributed fault-tolerant environment. Integration with data sources, such as relational databases and messaging middleware.
  • Spring
  • Rest services, to extract/insert data from databases
  • Experience in the finance industry
  • An interest in the crypto trading space
  • Strong engineering skill set with a firm grasp of fundamental Computer Science principles and a test-driven approach to software development with a high degree of automation
  • Work in a Linux/containerised environment and have experience tuning it
  • Collaborate across time zones/team boundaries to engineer the best possible outcome
  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities within a fast-moving industry and startup culture

Nice to have:

  • Exposure to Data Warehousing solutions, specifically AWS/RDS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python

About Us

BitMEX is the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, which has pioneered cryptocurrency trading through relentless commitment to change, and continues to set benchmarks for innovation, liquidity, and security today.

As the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer crypto-products trading platform and API, BitMEX gives knowledge, confidence, and precision to hundreds of thousands of traders, transacting billions of USD a day.

BitMEX is one of the first crypto exchanges for derivatives. It exists to provide institutional and professional traders with a platform that caters to their needs.

BitMEX created the Perpetual Swap, the most popular crypto trading product in history. It is the only major global exchange that continues to create new cryptocurrency derivative products, most recently, the ETH Staking Swap.

On BitMEX, users can trade cryptocurrency derivatives on a professional trading platform that provides low latency, deep liquidity and constant availability. Since 2014, no cryptocurrency has been lost through intrusion or hacking, allowing BitMEX users to trade safely in the knowledge that their funds are secure. Spot trading is also supported, as well as the purchase and conversion of cryptocurrency – BitMEX supports 45+ derivatives contracts, 11 pairs for spot trading and the ability for users to convert 30+ cryptocurrencies.

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