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Job Summary

The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for a Technical Community Program Manager to join our team, reporting to the Manager of Developer Advocacy in the Technology department.

As the Technical Community Program Manager, you will be part of a multifunctional team supporting our global communities of Free and Open Source developers. You will work closely with our technical community and staff, and help run programs, events and initiatives to foster technical community and capacity building and a fun, inclusive and productive environment.

You’ll work remotely with a full-time distributed team, and need to overlap (UTC-4 to UTC+2) working hours. We are looking for someone who is comfortable working and communicating in a highly collaborative, open environment; is passionate about connecting people; and eager to develop a broad understanding of Wikimedia’s diverse technical communities, technical areas, and ways to contribute.

As the Technical Community Program Manager we’d like you to do these things:

  • Support and help grow a vibrant and global community of technical contributors jointly with your team and others in the Wikimedia movement
  • Collaborate with the Hackathon Event Coordinator and provide project management for parts of the Wikimedia Hackathon and other onsite or virtual technical events, including planning and facilitating collaborative program designs, coordinating with other teams and the large volunteer technical community
  • Support or co-create initiatives to foster discussion, knowledge-sharing, technical community building and outreach for both enabling the existing technical community as well as reaching new and underserved communities
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for new and experienced technical contributors from all backgrounds and time zones
  • Talk with volunteers and teams across the Wikimedia movement to obtain an in-depth understanding of needs and requirements of technical contributors
  • Be present in our technical spaces, and communicate widely and frequently with a wide audience of technical volunteers and staff via mailing list, IRC, wikis, and other venues

Share our values, respect our code of conduct, adhere to our team norms, and work in accordance with all three.

Skills and Experience:

Qualities that are important to us:

  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a track record of modeling collaborative initiatives
  • Demonstrated experience in project management for virtual and in-person technical events
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to understand and talk about technical areas and software engineering
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Creative and highly motivated to serve diverse, multilingual and international communities
  • Willing and ability to travel several times a year for in-person events, once it is safe to do so

Additionally, we’d love it if you have:

  • Experience working with geographically distributed teams
  • Experience participating in open source, open data or online volunteer communities
  • Experience in video or other media production
  • Experience working with MediaWiki, or other wiki software
  • Experience or basic understanding with one or more programming languages, such as: Python, Javascript, Node.js, PHP
  • Ability to read and write multiple (human) languages

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