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Systems Manager Role

As a Systems and Business Processes Manager, you will be the champion for deploying technology-driven solutions to achieve scale in our operations and manage change management processes involving a large number of stakeholders. You will lead the systems team and work with other functions to build solutions that will support the company’s growth. Your work will go far beyond streamlining OCA’s IT: it will include taking a leading role in optimizing operations across various business functions, developing our IT team, and building our long-term IT and systems strategy.


  • Working with various business functions to understand existing processes, propose and implement improvements and manage change.
  • Take charge of the systems team in conducting studies on existing and future systems and business processes and identifying best practices to help the directors set priorities for systems and IT investments.
  • Lead in the development and maintenance of a catalogue of business process improvement initiatives and set priorities together with the directors.
  • Advice the team in the development and maintenance of best practices guidelines for business process improvement.
  • Lead the systems team in the development and maintenance of business process documentation.
  • Guide the team in developing internal software solutions that improve systems and processes and bring new innovations to life.
  • Develop a strategy for managing internally generated data and implementing data management solutions to support business decisions.
  • Work on IT Governance by ensuring completeness, integrity, and security of internal OCA data.
  • Oversee the ongoing management of our IT infrastructure by the systems team.

You will be working in a highly dynamic environment. As you lead the team you will be required to provide guidance in both technology and business process improvements. This role will give you a true picture of what a technology business process transformation looks like.

Your Skills and Experience

We are looking for a multi-talented individual who can effectively apply technology to solve business problems. Our ideal candidate is excited to develop a longer-term vision for our systems and business processes and is prepared to bring that vision to life by being hands-on in the execution and by coaching her/his junior team. Keen attention to detail, analytical rigour, and a demonstrated ability to provide solutions will be crucial in delivering great results in this role.

We are open to a variety of backgrounds, but we would prefer someone with most of the following desired qualities:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in engineering, computer science or a related course.
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience with progressive levels of responsibility; thereof at least 2 years in an IT Management / Business Process Transformation role and experience in managing teams
  • Hands on experience in analyzing, documenting, and optimizing business processes
  • Coding skills and experience in automating processes using code – good working knowledge of Javascript will be a major asset
  • Good working knowledge of relational databases and experience in working with at least one.
  • Proper understanding of Google workspace tools i.e. DataStudio, AppScripts etc.
  • A strong team player able to work with cross-functional teams to understand problems and offer suitable solutions.
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English; Fluency in French will be an additional asset.
  • Strong ability and willingness to help the team succeed by sharing knowledge and mentoring your colleagues.
  • A drive to see tasks through to completion, while maintaining a strong attention to detail
  • Willingness to put in extra effort and work flexible hours as required to support the business
  • Right to work in Kenya or Uganda

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