Systems Administrator


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Job Description

The Systems Administrator will have the following responsibilities:

1.    System Support:

  • Ensure that the CBS is operating with maximum efficiency by daily monitoring of the servers, database and the Orbit-R application.
  • Ensure smooth integration of systems at all times
  • Ensure that normalcy is regained within the shortest time possible in case of a downtime
  • Assist the branch to run its end-of-day procedures and analyse errors arising from the process
  • Run and monitor daily data backup processes
  • Monitor the DR Servers and ensure log files are being copied and applied as expected
  • Perform root-cause analysis for recurring incidents, formalize test plans and implement troubleshooting procedures for the ERP system and other business applications
  • Manage the hardware, software, network and security for business-critical servers with full backup and disaster recovery
  • Resolve user service requests lodged via the helpdesk
  • Manage user access management in various systems
  • Monitor server performance and management
  • Generate and extract management reports
  • Conduct end-user training for new staff on the usage of the various systems

2.    Internal Process Automation:

  • Establish networking environment by designing system configuration; directing system installation; defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards
  • Risk identification and coming up with mitigations around the system
  • Facilitate set up and roll out of Daraja Virtual Accounts & Daraja Mobile Loans
  • Manage partner integrations
  • Cost management – plan and control the allocated budget
  • Conduct utility payment on channels, Clearing System/ Agency System

3.    Network Maintenance:

  • Design and enforce network systems policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the LAN is up and working at an efficient speed
  • Ensure all users’ workstations are having a healthy network connection
  • Ensure that the internet is up and efficient
  • Report incidents that are beyond the Daraja I.T Department to the ISP and follow up to have downtimes restored within the shortest time possible

4.    Digital Channels Revenue Generation:

  • Recommend and motivate new services based on market trends, customer needs and the Company’s strategy
  • Drive adoption and growth of Alternative Business Channels at Daraja Bank by leveraging on existing technologies and adopting new innovative ones in order to drive Non-Funded Income as a major income generator for the Bank
  • Facilitate product development along the ABC module

5.    Customer Perspective:

  • Ensure fast turnaround time on customer service delivery on all IT-related platforms
  • Act as custodian of service-level agreements with suppliers

6.    Reports:

Generate the following reports on a daily basis:

  • System Uptime – Network, Core banking & Mobile Banking
  • Intrusion reports – Network
  • Replication DR-DC- Status

Skills and Experience 

The Systems Administrator should fulfil the following requirements:
•    Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or a related field
•    Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role
•    Certification in core areas of networking, cabling and database management
•    Knowledge of managing Linux and Windows systems in a business environment
•    Experience in hosting environments involving multiple virtual hosts based on different virtualization technologies
•    Experienced in ERP software, Microsoft back office and office automation products

Work Status

  • Valid work authorization for Kenya

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