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Nexleaf Analytics

Partnering with countries to ensure they have the data they need to build lasting solutions that improve the health of people.

Your Role

As a Backend Software Engineer at Nexleaf, you’ll help us achieve scale and impact by serving on a cross-functional team that designs and develops the core backend code of our cloud-based service. This service collects and analyzes data gathered from the hardest-to-reach places on Earth and connects to tens of thousands of IoT/M2M devices across the globe. These data and services are accessed by users spanning Ministries of Health, global agencies, partner NGOs, and those working in remote, low-connectivity environments.

As the Software Engineer – Backend, you’ll learn the architecture of our system, understand our business and product strategy, and work to improve existing services (and implement new ones), develop APIs, and improve our backend architecture, test procedures, and documentation, all with a shared goal of helping the organization achieve its vision! You will also be a key partner alongside our frontend developers, designers and product managers in shaping the user-centric product we are continuing to expand and create. Reporting to our Engineering Director, your responsibilities will include:

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work collaboratively with product managers, designers, and other engineers to ensure the development of appropriate solutions for users’ problems.
  • Support in Technical Decision Making: Provide input on design and architecture decisions, working closely with senior engineers and managers.
  • Design Decision Making: Make well-reasoned design decisions within your area, identifying potential issues, trade-offs, risks, and the appropriate level of abstraction.
  • Problem Scoping and Troubleshooting: Scope problems and troubleshoot technical and operational issues with the support of senior engineers and managers. Expertly debug within your focus area.
  • Backend System Development: Build and improve APIs, data pipelines, and backend systems, ensuring alignment with best practices and system goals.
  • End-to-End Product Development: Work in partnership with frontend engineers to build comprehensive product features and functions from conception to roll out and support that meet user needs.
  • Engineering Standards and Tooling: Follow and seek to improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.
  • Code Writing and Documentation: Write maintainable code, develop appropriate tests, and write documentation for key areas of focus.
  • Production Deployment and Code Reviews: Participate in regular production deployments and conduct meaningful code reviews for team members.

We have a robust and professionalized development team, with extensive documentation, well-defined processes and a modern stack that includes the latest versions of Python, Django, TypeScript, Angular, and all deployed to AWS. We use code reviews, containerized development environments (Docker), continuous integration, testing, and individual dev/staging environments. We also provide a choice of Linux, Mac or Windows development environments.


  • BS/MS in Computer Science (or another technical field) or equivalent work experience
  • Python: 3+ years of backend software engineering on larger web projects with proficiency in Python or equivalent languages. Candidates with front-end development experience in Angular will be given extra consideration.
  • Django experience is strongly preferred, though experience with similar frameworks such as Flask, Laravel, and Ruby on Rails will also be considered.
  • Able to participate in technical architecture discussions and provide input to technical decisions alongside other members of your team.
  • Self-starter who brings experience, and enthusiasm, and can hit the ground running.
  • Is excited to work as a participant on a cross-functional team and in a highly collaborative and user-focused manner.
  • Adaptable and handles open-ended problems & ambiguity well. Many of the problems we take on are in challenging environments, so being flexible and open-minded about how we tackle them is a key element to our success.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We are a remote company and rely heavily on our ability to effectively communicate on a very regular basis to stay in sync.
  • Strong ability to explain complex technical concepts to product managers, designers, support, and other engineers.
  • Relevant experience deploying features of the backend and front end into production on Linux-based systems.
  • Experience using AWS, as well as basic data processing and analysis experience

About Us

Nexleaf Analytics is at the forefront of technological innovation, committed to safeguarding public health in low- and middle-income countries. Our cutting-edge solutions, including remote-temperature monitoring for vaccine cold-chain equipment, are operational in over 25 countries, fundamentally supporting vital health infrastructure.

Nexleaf is poised to expand its impact significantly in 2024 and beyond. Data on the performance and utilization of medical equipment is becoming increasingly available, but countries are struggling to integrate and apply this data for action. Nexleaf envisions a ‘Connected Clinic’ – a transformative concept aimed at fostering transparency, accountability, and enhanced health outcomes through the strategic use of data. We believe this approach will shape health services in a way that prioritizes local needs and sustainability, moving beyond donor-driven models to ones that truly resonate with the communities we serve.

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