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Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

About the job

Job Purpose:

The role of the Software Engineer is to design, code, verify, test, document, amend and refactor programs/scripts. Applies agreed standards and tools, to achieve a well-engineered result. To monitor and report on own progress and proactively identify issues related to software development activities. To propose practical solutions to resolve issues. To collaborate in reviews of work with others as appropriate.

Key Responsibilities:

The Software Engineer will have the following responsibilities include:

  • Adopt and adhere to suitable and agreed development methodologies and principles through work outputs and behaviours that enable continuous delivery and development across the production environment as well as ensuring effective collaboration with all colleagues and stakeholders to meet required targets and therefore deliver value to the customer.
  • Construct, interpret and execute end-to-end system and program tests to verify the correct operation of completed systems.
  • Develop, complete and update all required documentation as per the scope, including guidelines and checklists for development and testing purposes.
  • Document all work and develop technical support documentation within agreed standards, methods and tools within the portfolio.
  • Engage with leads to receive feedback on work completed and communicate any concerns, issues, risks and progress regarding work output to enable a culture of continuous development and learning.
  • Look actively for opportunities to shorten development timelines, improve the skills of the team and improve the cost efficiency of application development activities.
  • Manage own work requirements effectively by contributing to the reprioritisation of backlogs and reacting flexibly to changing demands, continuously striving to improve the quality of deliverables.
  • Participate in the definition of moderately complex problems through engagements with senior leaders and apply a creative approach to solving the problems which will address both technical and people or culture challenges simultaneously.
  • Perform quality assurance on own code, documents and test plans incorporating input and comments from peer reviews performed by senior Engineers and leaders.
  • Prepare test cases for unit testing purposes, conduct unit testing and deploy code build in a testing environment to ensure that errors are detected and resolved within service level timelines.
  • Provide support and production standby post go live adhering to release methodology and technical change management procedures for all changes.
  • Strive to reach mature levels on the Continuum model by building owners and team competence to work in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Support less experienced Engineers on technical aspects of application development, controls, and documentation standards as well as on engaging effectively with relevant stakeholders.


  • A Degree in Information Technology or Information Studies with a preferred Post Graduate Degree in either Information Technology or Information Studies.
  • Must have Backbase certification.


5 to 7 years of Broad experience in translating business and functional requirements into technical specifications and developing the programming code to create the solutions.

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