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Job Description

Key Requirements & Responsibilities

The Services Enablement Specialist – Data Services role has the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible for onboarding content and curriculum-specific training for Data Services team members to ensure role clarity and expectations in the first 3 months in role, including organizational skills, understanding our internal processes, procedures, and metrics, as well as what success looks like in their role
  • Work in collaboration with Professional Services leadership and the Revenue Enablement team to evolve new hire onboarding and ongoing development training and materials to ensure currentness and alignment with department goals
  • Guide Peer Partners and other SMEs that support Services Enablement objectives. Monitor and report to the Team Lead, Services Enablement on stakeholder involvement for onboarding and ongoing development
  • Support the successful hand-off of team members to their direct manager upon graduation from new-hire onboarding
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative data related to ramping performance and ongoing development for the Data Operations team
  • Review and track employees abilities using coaching logs and follow-up with peer partners and supervisors to ensure feedback is being provided by stakeholders throughout the onboarding process
  • Work with the Team Lead, Services Enablement to provide timely and valuable feedback and recommendations on the requirements of the role to meet personal and team objectives
  • Be familiar with corporate security policies and follow the guidance set out by processes and procedures of Assent


Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

We strongly value your talent, energy and passion. It will also be valuable to Assent if you have the following qualifications

The Services Enablement Specialist – Data Services role has the following requirements:

  • At least 12 months of working experience in Data Services at Assent
  • Current knowledge of adult learning and organizational development theories
  • Must be an articulate, persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent written and verbal skills in English
  • Demonstrated experience providing on-the-job training for the Data Services teams; strategic mindset – you tackle business puzzles head-on with a positive outlook
  • Creative thinker who demonstrates initiative and flexibility to change, rising to challenges presented
  • You shine during presentations and your facilitation skills are impressive
  • Experience working with a CRM tool
  • Strong organizational, analytical, and project management skills with incredible attention to detail

Company Description

Eldotec offers professional regulatory and compliance services to complement the world’s fastest-growing compliance and data management solution provider. Companies in various industries face evolving regulatory and compliance challenges, and we assist our clients in supporting their compliance and data management requirements.

Our company was built on a shared commitment to excellence. Our pillars provide a strong foundation on which we can offer highly specialized services. We focus on the timely completion of contracts, cost-effectiveness and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. Our highly engaged team of professionals is what drives our company forward every day.

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