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About the Role:

Burn Manufacturing is looking for a Senior UX Designer for its new electric cooking products. This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the development of a new electric cooking product for Africa. The Senior UX Designer will have a passion for creating meaningful and beautiful user experiences in the both digital and physical worlds.

They will use market and user research to inform their designs. Working closely with Product Management, Software Engineering, and Hardware Engineering, they will ensure the optimal design solution is developed. Additionally, they will collaborate with the commercial team to identify business needs and incorporate them into the product requirements. As a Senior UX Designer, they will focus primarily on digital product experiences for Web, Mobile, and Internal Software. They will also work closely with other Product Designers and managers on the team to insure the digital and physical experiences are cohesive and consistent.

Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Lead the UX/UI designs across all platforms and channels.
  • Manage and direct other jr. UX/UI members on the team.
  • Establish best practices for UX development as well as implementation with SW engineering.
  • Create and manage design assets for engineering and the UX team.
  • Design and implements market research activities such as focus groups and surveys.
  • Create and present visual concepts for new and innovative electric cooking products using various visual communication methods such as sketches, digital illustrations, Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator etc.
  • Create user flows and wireframes.
  • Design and prototype concepts using low-fidelity paper and digital methods.
  • Work closely with software engineers to implement designs.
  • Create clear technical documentation of requirements.
  • Follow human-centred design practices when developing designs.
  • Ensure all designs are consistent with Burn’s style and branding strategy.
  • Provide inputs and initiate research activities to resolve and support design decisions.
  • Contribute to creating related digital products to insure consistent user experience across products.
  • Communicating with the respective stakeholders such as hardware and software about the project and their task herein.
  • Testing concepts and prototypes in the lab and field.

 Skills and Experience:

  • BFA or BA in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, or similar fields.
  • 3 +year of demonstrated work experience in relevant consumer product field designing products.
  • Proficient Figma or Adobe XD, Adobe CC ( Mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign).
  • Proficient in core MS Office products.
  • Solid sketching and rapid visual communication skills.
  • A portfolio of current work.  Candidates will be required to present work samples and or portfolio to demonstrate communication skills as well as their design skills.
  • Self-managed and motivated.
  • Experience in physical product design and engineering is a plus.
  • Graphic design for products.
  • Experience with eCommerce and Pay Go.

Our Story

In 1990, Peter Scott was travelling through Zaire when he witnessed the deforestation caused by charcoal production for household cooking. At that moment, he committed his life to saving forests in Sub-Saharan Africa through the design and manufacture of fuel-efficient cookstoves.

In 2010, after spending 13 years as a cookstove consultant in Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa, Peter launched Burn Design Lab and BURN Manufacturing Co. on Vashon Island, Washington. On a shoestring budget, BURN assembled a team of world-class designers and engineers who were also committed to designing the world’s most fuel-efficient cookstoves.

In 2014, BURN launched its first full manufacturing facility in Kenya – the first and only one of its kind. BURN is now the only vertically integrated modern cookstove company in Sub-Saharan Africa. The solar-powered facility currently has a capacity of 250,000 per month and employs over 1,000 people, 50% of whom are women.

When BURN started there was little faith in the cookstove sector to deliver tangible results. Over the last 10 years, BURN has built a successful business while proving that cookstoves can deliver transformative social, financial, and environmental impacts. A recent study done by UC Berkeley shows that a $40 household investment to purchase a Jikokoa generates a staggering $1000 return for society.

Over the next three years, BURN aims to expand to Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, DRC, Nigeria, and Ghana, launch five new products and increase production capacity in Kenya from 250,000 to 1m per month.

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