Senior Software Engineer – Payments


Banked powers real-time payments for consumers, businesses and banks. A better way to take payments and make payments.

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who shares our vision, who identifies with our desire to reinvent payments and will help guide us through our growth to directly compete with Visa and Mastercard.

You’ll participate in the direction of the company and products, you’ll be part of a small team where everyone has a voice.

As a Senior Software Engineer – Payments at Banked, you’ll be building our core API products and back-end services. You’ll use Go and its ecosystem to deliver event-driven, composable and distributed systems that can be consumed either directly by our customers or by other engineers at Banked. You’ll also build resilient integrations with some of our external partners and their APIs, building the core functionality of our products.

We don’t expect people to be experts with all of the technology we use or to immediately be able to pick up all the tasks we might ask of them. We want to build an environment where people can learn and grow openly, where failure is accepted as a part of learning and there’s enough support to help people be successful.

About you 

The role of Senior Software Engineer – Payments has the following requirements:

  • Significant experience in communicating and working with software teams, and working towards building inclusive, fun environments

  • The ability to reason intelligently about complex, uncertain problems and reduce them down to clean, simple abstractions through well-designed systems

  • A track record of taking software end-to-end, from inception working alongside product managers and designers to production and beyond

  • A track record of developing system maintainability and ease of operation

  • Experience developing distributed, reliable and resilient systems

  • Substantial experience in Go, alongside a number of other languages

What you’ll be doing at Banked

  • Work with other engineers, product managers and designers across the company to prioritise, build, measure and iterate over new features or products

  • Be part of the team responsible for building products for merchants/partners and consumers on top of our new payment network

  • Build services and software that’s fast, resilient and meets our challenging scale, integrity and security needs

  • Build event-based, REST or RPC-based interfaces that are consumed by engineers on other teams or by our customers

  • Improve engineering standards, tooling and processes as we grow

  • Mentor and help grow your peers and junior engineers, as well as be open to feedback and mentoring from those around you

What Banked asks of you

STAY CURIOUS – “Look beyond” Those who keep questioning don’t settle for the obvious, so here at Banked we ask you to stay curious. Innovate, inspire, and *look beyond.*

BRING WARMTH – “Together is stronger” Everything is better in the sun, so be that light. Collaborate with respect and understanding, and work with an open mind. *Together is stronger.*

OWN AND DELIVER – *“Make it happen.”* Own it with pride, act with purpose – have a plan and deliver. *Make it happen.*

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