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Rescue is a first response dispatcher and aggregator that gets you the best and closest help anywhere anytime.

Job Description

Primarily based in Nairobi, Kenya with both in-country and remote teams, we are looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer expert to join our platform dev team.

*The role: *

This Senior JavaScript Developer role is focused on the development of user-facing interfaces and features for Emergency Responders who use the Flare platform for a mission-critical response, communication, and coordination. You will:

  • Develop and deploy features for mission-critical tools/services and rescue operations management.
  • Work closely with a creative and technical team — through briefings, brainstorms, planning meetings, and stand-ups — to translate user stories and business requirements into technical requirements, plans, and tasks.
  • Work closely with our team to spec, develop, test and deploy platform features.
  • Work on new and existing interfaces on the platform to deploy new features, optimise the UI, and improve platform speed and resilience.
  • This is a live platform, used 24/7 to coordinate and manage rescue operations. It requires a dedication to deploying well-tested production-ready code, a familiarity with feature/task planning and testing, and close collaboration across product, dev, DevOps, testing, and operations teams/functions.

*Role requirements: *

  • A senior Javascript Frontend developer with expert proficiency in React.js, Typescript, Apollo GraphQL, HTML, CSS, and relevant frameworks/APIs (Redux, Google Maps).
  • Experience building usable responsive web interfaces that look good and run smoothly in the browser.
  • Experience developing feature- and data-rich professional platforms or SaaS products.
  • Expert proficiency in writing well-crafted, well-annotated code quickly and maintaining a solid well-tested product through frequent releases.
  • Experience working in highly-collaborative teams/environments, on live platforms requiring zero downtime and seamless deployments.
  • Good planning, time management, accurate task scheduling, and excellent communication skills are required.

The team:

We are a lean team of highly experienced developers (in-house and distributed), working to expand our team with the right skill sets and people to accelerate development and take our product to the next level. You should have ample collaboration experience and enjoy the agile, highly collaborative and communicative team environment. You should enjoy working with all types of people and not take yourself too seriously. You must be comfortable with feedback, failure, direction, redirection, and maintaining focus on our users and business requirements.

The platform:

Our vision is that no matter where you are, or who you are, emergency response is only minutes away. Over the last five years, we’ve built, deployed, and operated a lifesaving platform that has reduced response times by more than 80% and saved thousands of lives from previously impossible situations.

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