Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Holistic Intelligence for Global Good (higg)

Towards a more humane world.

The role

Are ==YOU== ready to be the senior full-stack engineer (or tech lead)* who leads the software design and development of the platform mentioned earlier?

*Note: We think people should be able to pick the title that best fits them. Either of these titles fits this role, but we’re open to other suggestions.

As the Senior Full-Stack Engineer, you’d be responsible for developing a backend architecture from the ground up. The goal is to develop a scalable AND maintainable architecture which enables us to pivot as needed to meet the evolving needs of a growing user base.

We are adopting the agile framework (Kanban style) with weekly sprints, which reflects our team’s dynamic nature and fast pace. In the process of doing this work, you will collaborate closely with the following team members:

  • Our engineering director and the hiring manager for this role will help make major engineering decisions as needed.
  • Our product manager will be responsible for providing product requirements.
  • Another passionate engineer on the team will be assisting you in designing and developing the backend.
  • Our senior user experience designer (UXD) will work with you to (re)define a clear contract between various front- and back-end components. Our senior UXD will also work with our user experience researcher (UXR) to incorporate our findings into an iterative design process.

In addition, the Senior Full-Stack Engineer will collaborate at a lower frequency with our AI consultants who are responsible for making decisions about which AI methods/services to use within the system components you’re designing/developing.

As a dynamic team with evolving needs, we are adopting new technologies and deprecating others as needed, and part of your role is to guide some of these choices. Some of the technologies we use can be found here.

Your qualifications

Please consider applying if (and only if) you meet over 90% of the following criteria:

  • 5+ years of experience building software products, including the design, development, and maintenance of scalable backend services.
  • Experience with Cloud, DevOps, Docker and K8S.
  • Experience designing a scalable architecture to provide complex functionalities.
  • Experience using testing frameworks and methodologies.
  • Experience writing clean, maintainable software that solves hard problems. You’ll write testable, quality code. You’ll push the team and the mission forward with your contributions.
  • Experience using machine learning and retrieval-augmented generation to build products is a strong plus.
  • Experience with front-end development is a plus.
  • Strong fundamentals in computer science and engineering, e.g., algorithms, data structures, and software design (typically acquired with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Systems and Engineering, but we also welcome self-taught people).

Your character

  • You have a growth mindset with a “can do” attitude.
  • Passionate about end-to-end development and want to be involved in a project that will transform experiential learning at a global scale.
  • Strong communication, thoughtfulness, and desire to give and receive regular feedback.
  • Enjoys mentoring other team members and helping them grow.
  • Proven cross-cultural competency skills demonstrating self-awareness, awareness of others, and the ability to adopt inclusive perspectives, attitudes, and behaviours to drive inclusion and belonging throughout the organization.
  • Empathy for learners around the world. You love learning and are excited about helping others learn to love learning. You’re motivated to learn new things and share what you learn with the world.
  • Enjoys solving problems and simplifies complicated challenges.


  • This is a full-time, remote position.
  • At this time, we are only considering candidates who can start before Dec 1.

The team

Holistic Intelligence for Global Good (higg) is an early-stage EduTech AI startup which capitalizes on holistic intelligence to reduce income inequality. We believe that reducing income inequality will boost the collective productivity, growth and stability of the global economy. In particular, we leverage the transformative power of AI to democratize quality education by designing immersive learning experiences, in partnership with a global network of universities.

We have built a world-class team with an extremely high density of talent, and we plan to keep it this way as we expand our capacity for engineering work to accelerate our growth. Beyond the team members, we work with design partners in universities around the world, as well as non-academic institutions which believe in education and value lifelong learning. We are intentional about promoting diversity and inclusion, and we value diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are a learning-first organization, which means learning and growing are integral components of doing our best work at higg.

Some of the values we strive to embody include:

  • Sustainable growth is more important than fast growth.
  • Equitable access to education is a catalyst for social mobility and reducing income inequalities.
  • Preserving the life and dignity of humans is more important than preserving the life and dignity of other sentient or non-sentient beings.
  • An individual’s race, ethnicity or nationality does not determine the importance of their needs.

The product

We’re building an AI-powered gamified educational platform for college students. The platform uses recent findings from relevant scientific literature and user research to provide an engaging, effective and unique learning experience. Our users are university students and lifelong learners who are eager to be part of the AI revolution in education, enabling new learning experiences which sound a lot like sci-fi.

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