Senior Front-End Engineer


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Job Description

We are looking for a driven and passionate Senior front-end engineer to join our early-stage startup and help us implement features that will deeply improve and automate cross-functional communication between teams. It’s an opportunity to ship often, learn a lot, and shape the future of work.

What you’ll be doing?

  • Collaborate with the founders, your engineering team and designers to translate mocks into high-quality code, ensuring a seamless UX
  • Build rich B2B SaaS features focused on cross-functional collaboration, across different form factors
  • Utilize your extensive front-end development expertise to architect, develop, and deploy innovative features
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging of Luna, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness across various browsers and platforms
  • Maintain and enhance the codebase, adhering to best practices, and coding standards, and ensuring code quality through code reviews and documentation
  • Pay meticulous attention to user interaction details, animations, and overall user experience to deliver a polished and intuitive product.

What do we value?

The Senior Front-End Engineer remote role has the following requirements:

  • +4 years of experience working with scaleups, being exposed to a growing number of users
  • Self-starter comfortable with ambiguity in entrepreneurial environments
  • Fluency in the MEAN stack and main front-end frameworks
  • Deep experience and understanding of B2B SaaS elements such as building flexible reporting, rich text editors and responsive web apps
  • Commitment to quality and details as well as deep experience and care for performance, latency, and security topics as we scale
  • Great communication skills adapted to a remote first working environment
  • Proactiveness to drive their roadmap and improvements

What you’ll get?

  • A chance to be an early member of a startup focused on redefining cross-functional interactions, within the future of work
  • Ability to solve problems with a team that deeply cares about velocity and making an impact
  • Remote first working environment

Luna Launches

Founded by a team of Google and Rocket Internet alumni, Luna is on a mission to re-imagine how to drive cross-functional collaboration and alignment between teams, always aiming to help companies ship high-quality products.

Building and launching impactful products at scale is critical to a company’s success. However, most companies lack the tools and processes to manage product launches, including new features big bets, etc. While tools such as JIRA help with day-to-day tasks, cross-functional stakeholders and leaders at these companies have limited visibility into the bigger picture. This results in teams working on the wrong problems, stakeholders being blindsided by big changes and launches not delivering adequate business impact.

At Luna, we are building a launch success platform to enable companies to seamlessly collaborate on and track all their launches and measure their success. Luna runs on top of traditional task management tools (Jira, Asana, etc) and focuses on creating processes and visibility around higher-level information

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