Senior Front-End Developer (React Native)

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Job Description

The Senior Front-End Developer (React Native) should have skills and experience in the following areas:

Technology Stacks :

Frontend Stacks

  • React Native Cross-Platform Application Development

  • Java & Swift & JavaScript

Backend Stacks

  • Java with experience in Spring Framework

  • Redis


  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Azure Dev Ops

  • Monitoring/Telemetry


  • Knowledge of Kafka and C++ is an added advantage

Roles and Responsibilities

The Senior Front-End Developer (React Native) will have the following responsibilities:

  • Translate UI/UX design wireframes to actual code

  • Building reusable code

  • Building dynamic forms and workflows

  • Enhance the system for maximum speed and scalability

  • Consume microservices

  • Documentation of the system code

  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

  • In-depth knowledge of code versioning tools, for instance, Git

Additional Skills Required

  • Rest API

  • Graph QL

  • MVVM or MVI architecture patterns

  • Java reactive programming

  • Live data handling

  • Data persistence

  • EMV card & cardless transaction processing

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