Senior Data Scientist – Product


Providing tools for African businesses to increase sales, find new customers, build relationships and credibility while increasing their visibility

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist who will build, deploy and monitor analytics and machine learning capabilities into the Ajua products while ensuring scientific rigour and statistical methods to the many challenges of Integrated Customer Experience Product creation and improvement.

Ajua is a Silicon Valley-backed start-up and Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience (#IntergratedCX) company driving business growth and giving consumers options on the continent.
The Data Science team is responsible for ensuring that the Ajua products are best in class in not only solving our customers’ problems but propelling them into the future by understanding their customers better than they ever have.

Key Responsibilities:

The Senior Data Scientist – Product will have the following responsibilities:

  • Frame business requirements and objectives as succinct data science problems.
  • Extraction, cleaning and transformation of relevant data for different Integrated Customer Experience Problems for analysis, modelling and reporting.
  • Implement and deploy robust, state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning models across the Ajua Product Stack, directly impacting merchants and enterprise customers.
  • Work with product teams to translate product feature requirements and use cases into experiments, and lead with the design, development, analysis and reporting of results, leading to decisions that directly impact customers.
  • Actively pursue improving data science skills, including but not limited to problem-solving, writing readable/testable/efficient code, mastering Integrated Customer Experience Data, and learning to anticipate Customer and Data related product issues and needs – always staying ahead of the customer.
  • Actively participate in internal Data Science and broader technology project reviews and participate in community meet-ups.
  • Collaboratively work with the engineering, products, and customer success teams and communicate clearly and effectively regardless of seniority.


  • 3+ years of industry or academic experience in data science and machine learning.
  • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or Engineering.
  • Highly Fluent in Python and SQL
  • Proficient with Python data science libraries (numpy, scipy, spacy, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of R (The team works using both Python and R)
  • End to end Statistics and probability understanding and rigour.
  • Clear, and demonstratable/explainable comprehension of the fundamentals of learning algorithms.
  • Natural Language Processing experience is a huge plus.
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks – Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.
  • A record of published patents and/or peer-reviewed conference/journal publications will be considered a big plus. (Contribution of new knowledge/implementation of new knowledge in innovative ways through any of the above ways, is a key requirement.)
  • Ability to continuously review machine learning publications and scientific development, pick out what can be implemented and experiment to drive Ajua’s innovation.
  • Experience working on a team or in a group academic setting and demonstrated ability to collaborate well across teams
  • Ability to anticipate how contributions can affect larger Data product delivery, developing risk mitigation and contingency plans
  • Demonstrated excellent communication skills with technical and non-technical teammates and a high level of emotional and professional maturity.
  • Ability to work seamlessly with Engineering, product and the Data Team to ensure Data-driven products launch smoothly and customer needs are met.
  • Ability to Monitor the outcomes of the team’s actions to learn from mistakes and replicate successes.
  • A connection to Ajua’s mission and values

Additional Information

Working Conditions:

  • Building impactful products at Ajua that shape businesses and consumers in Africa and the world at large
  • Great and fun work environment; you get an opportunity to work with brilliant minds at Ajua
  • Competitive salary.
  • Growth stage startup grind! Working in a dynamic startup environment
  • Competitive salary and benefits

To be a #HumanOfAjua

You will embody the following values:

  • FUN – We work hard, play hard.
  • INNOVATION – We continuously improve and try new things
  • INTEGRITY – We Deliver on Our Promises
  • TRUST –  We Do the Right thing when No One is Watching
  • COMMUNICATION – We Communicate with Intent
  • OWNERSHIP – We Own our Work Because We Want to!

Company Description

Ajua is The Integrated Customer Experience Solution for Businesses in Africa.

We exist to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. Ajua’s technology integrates with businesses at the points that matter most to their customers to measure and optimize their Customer Experience. Our plug-and-play platform has enabled leading brands of various sizes and industries on the continent to create actionable strategies that drive business growth.

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