Senior Data Engineer


Technology that enables businesses to provide affordable life-changing products and #energyaccess to people in emerging markets. #poweredbyAngaza

This Position

We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Engineer to partner with our Data & Devices and Business Intelligence teams to own and scale our data pipelines and data infrastructure. As a Senior Data Engineer, you’ll work closely with colleagues across the company to develop a deep understanding of our data streams and to design data and analytics solutions that support core business functions such as underwriting and analytics.

What You’ll Do

    • Collaborate with Engineering and Business Intelligence teams to design, test, develop, and maintain pipelines between cloud data sources.
    • Interface with key stakeholders such as finance and sales to understand their needs and the data they generate.
    • Develop backend features for core platform features including developer APIs, device management and underwriting.

We’re Looking For Someone With

    • 4+ years experience in a relevant field
    • Fluency with Python
    • Experience with SQL
    • Familiarity with dbt (or similar tools), Snowflake and reverse ETL tools
    • Experience with AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Our Stack

    • Backend: Python with Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Celery
    • Infrastructure: AWS with PostgreSQL, EC2, Lambda, and friends managed through Terraform
    • Frontend: modern JS with React/Redux
    • Mobile: Android with Kotlin
    • Business Intelligence Tools: dbt, Hevo, Snowflake, Sisense visualization service

About Angaza

Angaza creates software that enables businesses to sell life-changing products, on credit, to low-income consumers in emerging markets. Our technology uses an IoT network of connected devices, mobile payments, and machine learning to accelerate the adoption of solar energy systems, smartphones, and appliances.
Over 2 billion people across the globe live off-grid or are unbanked.  Connecting this population to power, productive-use appliances, and financial services represents a $400 Billion+ current market opportunity. Angaza’s B2B technology platform enables distribution businesses in emerging markets to grow their revenue by over 8x by extending their sales and credit offerings to this consumer base.
When a family in Tanzania (or Nicaragua, or Nigeria, or India…) pays a weekly installment on their new home solar installation, their payment is processed by Angaza backend software. When a distributor monitors the repayment performance of their loan portfolio, they use an Angaza web application to do so. Our software is already used by businesses in 50+ countries around the world to improve the daily lives of over 6 million people.

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