Senior C++ Game Developer


Playrix is one of the top mobile gaming companies in the world. Our titles are played by 100 million people every month.

Job Description

We at Playrix are certain that our success is the result of our talented team’s efforts. We are therefore hiring for a Senior C++ Game Developer.

Every day our programmers improve our hit games by developing new features, events, and mechanics that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

We value knowledge-sharing within our teams and pay great attention to code quality and reliability. We work with modern C++ standards, making the most of their capabilities. 

We believe that talent and dedication are far more important than domain knowledge. That is why we’re willing to hire an accomplished professional even if they lack experience in game development. You will have an experienced mentor by your side who will help you find your bearings and will gladly answer any questions you might have, no matter how difficult.

The role of Senior C++ Game Developer requires relocation from Russia and Belarus to one of our offices in Serbia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan, or remote work from other countries (except Russia and Belarus). Find out more here.


  • Programming game mechanics and logic
  • Designing and reviewing the architecture of features
  • Programming UI and visual effects
  • Profiling and optimizing the game for memory and frame rate
  • Mentoring
  • Conducting code review

Our stack

The primary development language for our game projects is C++. We use C++17 and Boost. For one-time tasks, we code in Lua and Python. To create graphics, we work with OpenGL ES or Metal. We use our own engine, which we are constantly refining to better suit modern standards and our game projects’ demands.


  • Experience developing commercial projects in C++
  • Experience developing released game projects
  • Confident knowledge of modern standards of C++11 and higher, as well as STL
  • Ability to design architecture and independently implement game mechanics or engine subsystems
  • Attention to code quality and reliability
  • Experience working in a product team, understanding of the processes of team development
  • Desire to grow in the field of game development


  • Experience developing for mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Experience with computer graphics
  • Knowledge of Python, Lua or other scripting languages

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