Senior Backend Developer (FIX &Mitch)


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Job Purpose

The Senior Backend Developer (FIX & Mitch) will be responsible for building scalable RESTFul APIs, the server-side application logic, and integration with both internal and external systems.

Job Responsibilities

The Senior Backend Developer (FIX & Mitch) will have the following responsibilities:

  • Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Design, build and maintain efficient RESTFul APIs in FIX (Trading Gateway) &/or MITCH (Market Data Feed) protocols
  • Build Reusable Code and Library for Future Use
  • Design and Implementation of data storage solutions
  • Work with Frontend and Mobile App developers to define RESTFul API specs
  • Work well with technical and non-technical people to deliver high-value results
  • Participating in Sprint Planning and tracking work items

Job Requirements

The role of Senior Backend Developer (FIX & Mitch) has the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field
  • 5+ years’ experience developing applications in FIX (Trading Gateway) &/or MITCH (Market Data Feed) protocols
  • Experience with SOAP and REST services
  • Good understanding of DevOps and CI/CD practices
  • Familiarity with container technologies like Docker and K8s
  • Experience with SQL Server, Oracle Database and MongoDB
  • Experience with cloud technologies Azure/AWS
  • Experience with OAuth and JWT Tokens
  • Knowledge of API Management solutions
  • Knowledge of Microservice Architecture
  • Experience with gRPC
  • Experience with Kafka

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