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Scala Developer – Elastic Team Community

Invite to join Elastic Team Community – Fully Remote

Distributed has created the world’s best freelance developer community. Our mission is to provide freelancers with the same variety and freedom of freelancing but with more benefits than permanent employment.

As the Scala Developer – Elastic Team Community, this is an opportunity to become part of our community and access projects unavailable to the broader market. While entrance to the Community doesn’t guarantee selection for a project, it gives you expedited access to some of the most innovative projects in the world. Once accepted, you’ll become part of a group of like-minded, skilled individuals.

All members are required to complete basic assessments in order to join the Elastic Team Community.

About Joining The Elastic Team

If approved to join our Community by qualifying through the assessment process, you will automatically be one of the individuals who could be considered for exciting customer-centric projects that we are currently engaged in for our clients.

Once on a project, you will be working closely with teams of engineers, QAs, and designers, producing detailed specifications and writing the programme codes, testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live.

We’re proud to have Enterprise companies like Capita and BT, BBC, NHS, Virgin, Money, BP, Master Card, Tesco and Suzuki select us for delivering user-centric products.

Our mission as an organization is to provide our Community with access to the most exciting tech projects and to build a freelance career with us as we continue to scale as an organisation.

Tech Stack, we’re looking for:

  • 3+ years of Scala programming experience
  • Knowledge of various Scala frameworks such as Play, Scalatra, or Spray
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of the type-level stack, including Cats, Cats Effect, Http4s, and FS2
  • Proficiency in working with containerization technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker
  • Proficiency in building distributed systems using tools like Akka or Spark.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience working with Kafka and Kafka Streams.
  • Experience with functional programming principles and design patterns

About Us

Distributed is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. Employees and contractors, as well as prospective employees and contractors, will all be treated equally and fairly. Distributed is committed to ensuring no less favourable treatment is experienced by any current or prospective employee because of any of the protected characteristics under the UK Equality Act 2010 or equivalent local equality legislation.

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