Remote Python Engineer


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Job Description

A US-based client looking for a Remote Python Engineer.

They’re looking for someone to take on the responsibility of guiding peer code reviews, nurturing an atmosphere where constructive feedback is exchanged to refine our code and foster professional growth.

Your Role:

The Remote Python Engineer will have the following responsibilities:

  • Write robust Python code to tackle complex issues effectively
  • Apply business sense and analytical skills to uncover valuable insights from public databases
  • Articulate reasoning and logic clearly in code composed within Jupyter notebooks or similar tools
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with researchers to share insights and findings
  • Ensure comprehensive documentation of all code developed for transparency and reproducibility
  • Utilize data analysis proficiency to address critical business inquiries using diverse datasets, including those sourced from Kaggle, the UN, and governmental entities.

You Should Have:

  • Suitable for individuals at all career stages, from entry-level to seasoned professionals
  • Educational background in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent hands-on experience
  • Good in Python programming language for coding and troubleshooting purposes
  • Competent in addressing intermediate Python coding challenges and understanding algorithmic concepts
  • Strong problem-solving abilities, coupled with outstanding logical and mathematical reasoning skills
  • Excellent English proficiency and communication skills

Benefits to You:

  • Hang out with AI pros all over the world.
  • Work from your favourite spot at home or anywhere.
  • Get paid in USD, in line with global standards.
  • Be part of our new projects that’ll shake up the tech scene and help you climb higher in your career.

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