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Machine Learning Engineer – MSAI – Job Description

The Microsoft Search Assistance and Intelligence (MSAI) team is responsible for enabling intelligence in Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Bing, and Microsoft Assistant. The Machine Learning Engineer – MSAI would be part of the Knowledge team working on researching and developing state of the art natural language processing, machine learning and graph learning technologies to build an intelligent backend for a host of delightful and powerful user experiences aimed at improving everyday productivity of every Office 365 user and organization. Every single email, chat, document, meeting, search, or any interaction users have with office canvases further augments this knowledge by deep understanding of the user, helping us build user and tenant specific knowledge graphs, while strictly guaranteeing Microsoft’s promise to customer privacy, compliance, and trust.  

The features benefiting from this range from the most basic features like autocompleting user queries in Microsoft Search to super ambitious ones like solution for enterprise knowledge management (Viva Topics). We are looking for highly motivated software engineers who are passionate about researching interesting problems around knowledge mining, natural language processing, relevance experimentation, user understanding and writing high performance code to serve these intelligent solutions on our distributed systems operating at the scale of exabytes of data. 


  • Working with a team of researchers, applied scientists and engineers, you will be responsible for all stages of the research & development cycle including early ideation, design, implementation, scaling it internationally and finally ensuring that our live is stable and healthy.  
  • The implementations typically involve writing scalable, distributed, and highly efficient components and shipping large-scale backend services. 
  • Instill best practices for software development and documentation, ensure designs meet requirements as well as adhering to all the privacy and compliance guidelines in handling critical user data. 
  • Collaborating with other engineers to build demos and apps to be able to contribute new ideas. 


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science (or related fields like Electronic Engineering, Physics or Mathematics). 
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms and algorithm optimizations. 
  • Experience in developing or applying predictive analytics, statistical modelling, data mining, or machine learning algorithms. 
  • Handson experience with an object-oriented programming language such as C++, C#, Java or Python. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Software design and development experience with backend services. 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal communication and collaboration skills. 
  • Passion for learning and ramping up on new technologies and codebases. 
  • Data driven decision making. 

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