Junior Software Engineer


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About the job

Are you looking to jumpstart your tech career and experience firsthand how a new technology revolutionizes an industry? Join our AI-First software engineering team, where you’ll be given time to turn yourself into an expert on AI while incorporating it into everything you do. As the Junior Software Engineer, you’ll be contributing to pioneering EdTech projects by crafting AI-powered solutions to enhance impactful learning apps and shaping the future of education. This role demands coding proficiency, self-organization and problem-solving skills, and, most importantly, a passion for AI.

What You Will Be Doing

The Junior Software Engineer role has the following responsibilities:

  • AI Expertise Growth: Mastering online AI classes and topics related to AI agents, prompting techniques, practical use of chain of thought, fine-tuning, vector databases, and more, to continuously develop AI proficiency.
  • AI Development: Building end-to-end automated systems and learning apps that leverage AI exclusively, with no human decisions allowed, to enhance educational experiences and outcomes.
  • AI Knowledge Curation: Staying on top of the latest developments in AI by e.g. curating the best X (Twitter) content that pushes the boundaries of the topic and disseminating it to the rest of the company
  • AI Testing: Trying out the latest AI solutions on the market. From GPT4 Vision to Amazon CodeWhisperer, you’ll be amongst the first to incorporate them into your workflow and evaluate their usefulness
  • AI Infrastructure Evaluation: Finding the best ways to run and host AI solutions within the AWS ecosystem and beyond
  • Problem Decomposition: Analyzing complex decisions that AI cannot (yet) make, breaking them down into deterministic decision trees, and finding innovative ways to involve AI in those processes
  • EdTech Project Development: Collaborating on AI-driven projects such as student-facing chatbots, AI-powered writing apps, AI-led learning data analysis, and more, to improve the educational landscape

What You Won’t Be Doing

  • Doing repetitive tasks – no two problems are the same
  • Writing your own code – AI will be writing 90% of it while you’re focused on solution design and instructing it

Basic Requirements

The Junior Software Engineer role has the following requirements:

  • A passion for and basic understanding of generative AI, Large Language Models, Prompt Engineering, and the wider AI ecosystem

Proficiency in Python (or able to become proficient in

  • Able to set up web scraping for content collection
  • Comfort working in a fast-paced environment with high standards for outputs
  • Able to work independently, self-organize, and motivate
  • Comfort working in a fast-paced environment with high standards for outputs

Nice-to-have Requirements

Proficiency in HTML/CSS/JavaScript or any other Frontend web development framework

About Trilogy

Hundreds of software businesses run on the Trilogy Business Platform. For three decades, Trilogy has been known for 3 things: Relentless seeking top talent, Innovative new technology, and incubating new businesses. Our technological innovation is spearheaded by a passion for simple customer-facing designs. Our incubation of new businesses ranges from entirely new moon-shot ideas to rearchitecting existing projects for today’s modern cloud-based stack. Trilogy is a place where you can be surrounded by great people, be proud of doing great work, and grow your career by leaps and bounds.

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