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About the Role

As the IT Specialist – Tier 2, you will be responsible for Tier 2 escalations, Keeping Documentation (Kbase) for Assigned Pod clients up to date, Training new Tier 1 resources, and Assisting with the delivery of escalated service tickets and projects. Self-sufficient when taking proactive and reactive tickets. Only advanced or systematic processes are escalated to a manager or Tier 3. You will be a key technical resource to Interlaced’s support services with the guidance of escalated resources used for design and architecture.


The IT Specialist – Tier 2 will have the following responsibilities:

  • Communicate with clients to drive assigned initiatives (service tickets, projects, etc.) forward successfully
  • Tier 1 escalation tickets and HIGH & EMERGENCY classification tickets per SLA policy
  • Maintenance tickets and keeping the board clean for clients in your Client Account Portfolio (“CAP”)
  • Schedule Your Day (fill in gaps with scoping/black book/CPR creations/Maintenance)
  • Taking client meetings without a manager
  • More direct scheduling with client approval to get on-site scheduled in coordination with Mission Control to ensure resource availability
  • Kbase article updates and maintenance template updates
  • Kbase creation for proactive maintenance
  • Provide root cause analysis reports with minimal to no escalated assistance
  • SaaS license provisioning
  • Provide shadowing for T1 new hires
  • Onboarding new clients and generating maintenance plans
  • Consultative Project Recommendation (“CPR”) Generation
  • Project Scoping (as expertise aligns and the need arises)
  • Administrative excellence


  • Response Time: This measures the time it takes for Interlaced to respond to a client’s request for support. A shorter response time indicates better client service and will lead to higher client satisfaction. 15 minutes or less
  • Resolution Time: This measures the time it takes for Interlaced to resolve a client’s issue. A shorter resolution time indicates that we have the necessary skills and resources to address the problem efficiently, which will increase client satisfaction. Ideally <=8 hours
  • First Call/Contact Resolution Rate: This measures the percentage of support requests that are resolved on the first call. A higher first call/contact resolution rate indicates that we have knowledgeable and skilled staff who can solve problems quickly, reducing client downtime and increasing satisfaction. >=75% of tickets (depending on tier)


Key, Traits, Skills, and Behaviors

  • Seasoned technical consultant: running escalated tickets from Tier 1 solo or in partnership with Tier 3 guidance/supervision/management to success
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills
  • Administrative Excellence with notes, client and status updates
  • Expert troubleshooting capabilities, first-round project scoping, KPI reporting, and goal-setting
  • Excellent with taking detailed directions from clients or peers to complete tasks assigned with documentation and within timelines unless notified.
  • Maintain relationships with key account stakeholders

About Interlaced

Interlaced is a cloud-focused IT services provider, providing outsourced IT services for innovative businesses across the globe. We specialize in designing, implementing, and supporting cutting-edge technology infrastructure that helps our clients scale and achieve their missions.

How are we different from traditional IT companies?

  • We are a work-from-home, remote-first company.
  • We are cloud-focused.
  • We have professional development pathways throughout the organization with accompanying training programs.
  • We work with cutting-edge clients in forward-thinking industries like tech startups, biotech and digital agencies.
  • We are poised for significant growth in 2023 and beyond, and need you to help us do it!
  • We are a team of hungry, innovative, technology-lovers who are excited to build something amazing together.

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