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Job Description

We are looking to onboard a skilled Infrastructure Support Engineer to join our Protocol Engineering team. You will be responsible for deploying, maintaining, and monitoring Ethereum nodes. Supporting customers and general troubleshooting can be expected as part of the role as well. You will work remotely to cover a different timezone and collaborate closely with the team to ensure smooth operations, automate tasks, document and monitor processes, and continuously improve the system around Ethereum node development and software systems related to Ethereum/Blockchain software development.


  • Provide technical support for Nethermind clients ‣
  • Assist in setting up and configuring Ethereum nodes.
  • Take ownership of customers’ reported problems via Discord, email, and chats.
  • Identify and escalate issues to the Ethereum Core development team for further advancement.
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date documentation for the Nethermind client.
  • Work with various Ethereum node-setups (such as Docker containers, systems, DappNode, Rocket Pool SmartNodes)
  • Conduct tests for nodes we currently have deployed.
  • Write scripts, IaaC, and CI/CD pipelines for the Ethereum Core development team projects.
  • Interact with different operating systems and architectures (x86, x64, ARM).


  • Linux systems management:
    • Proficiency in Linux operating system and command-line tools.
    • Configuring systems.
    • Linux commands.
    • Containerization technologies.
  • General DevOps skills:
    • CI/CD pipelines.
    • GitOps principles.
    • Being able to follow documented processes as well as writing documentation describing new ones.
  • Experience with monitoring, alerting, and logging tools/processes.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Effective problem-solving abilities.

In the Infrastructure Support Engineer role, we need you to have experience in (you should have):

  • Linux and Bash scripting.
  • Containerization technologies such as Docker with Docker Compose.
  • CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions.
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Skills in programming languages such as Python, and Golang.
  • Experience with Grafana Loki.
  • Being capable of updating and creating Ansible playbooks, and working on Terraform projects.
  • Experience working on Bare-metal servers.
  • Cloud Platforms experience (AWS, Linode, Scaleway).
  • Previous experience in customer support roles.

Nice to have:

  • Understanding of blockchain technology and the Ethereum network.
  • Experience with running Blockchain clients/nodes, especially Ethereum clients.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

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