Generative AI Engineer


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⭐ Role Overview

We are looking for a talented Generative AI Engineer with previous experience in applying RAG in production and ready to tackle a wide range of challenges. If you are excited by the prospects of Generative AI (LLMs), and ML models and are eager to use them in production to solve real problems this is the position for you.

You will be part of our first squad fully dedicated to leveraging AI in the company and you will be reporting directly to our Chief AI Officer.

If you want to help us make vacation rental work easier with AI, come join us!

⭐ How will you make an impact?

  • Write production code that meets our company’s high-quality and maintainability standards
  • Selecting the most appropriate Generative AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning(ML) model depending on the use case
  • Use your prompt engineering and prompt chaining skills to create new prompts and keep improving on the existing ones.
  • Improve our LLMOps infrastructure to have a solid feedback loop with the most appropriate metrics to keep optimizing each use case
  • Implement RAG in production and fine-tune each aspect of the process to keep improving its metrics
  • Work collaboratively with other squads and technical chapters.
  • You will be part of a mission-driven Agile team (Scrum/Kanban)

⭐ What makes you a great fit?

The Generative AI Engineer remote role has the following requirements:

  • You have 5+ years of professional experience writing production-level code in Python
  • You have experience using Generative AI, RAG and vector databases in production.
  • Experience with LLM frameworks (i.e. LangChain, LlamaIndex, Haystack) and prompt engineering techniques.
  • You keep yourself updated on Generative AI and ML technologies and you’re eager to use them to solve real problems
  • You’re well-versed with best practices in software development, including version control, testing, and continuous integration.
  • Have a keen interest in the fundamental knowledge of Data Science
  • Proactive attitude to challenge assumptions and come up with solutions
  • You are a collaborative learner and team player who strives for impact.

⭐ How can you earn bonus points?

  • Experience with Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) (i.e. Arize, Weights & Biases, MLFlow, Neptune)
  • End-to-end experience in training, evaluating, testing, and deploying ML solutions in production
  • Experience with the Hugging Face libraries

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