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Job Description

We are hiring for a Game Engine Developer. Imagine creating real-time strategy games you can play in a detailed digital twin of the real world. At Battle Road, that’s what we’re all about! We’re looking for an engineering expert to help us solve low-level rendering challenges that bring geospatial data (like Google Earth) to life in innovative ways. Our AtomEngine platform is a new generation of game engines purpose-built for simulating millions of entities in persistent, comprehensive, planet-scale sandboxes. Come join our small, expert team of technologists, game developers, and innovators as we shape the future!

What You’ll Do

As the Game Engine Developer, your focus will be on rendering optimizations in the Godot Engine. You’ll work with the Godot C++ engine-level code to run multi-threaded task processing, asset streaming/loading, serialization, deserialization, and rendering operations for a variety of data formats including gltf and vector tiles. Additionally, you’ll prepare data to be readily available for gameplay-related use cases. Many of these innovations will be shared back to the open-source community to advance the state of the art.

In addition to expertise in real-time rendering, the ideal candidate will have experience working with geospatial data used in digital mapping applications. Prior experience with or a demonstrated interest in the Godot Engine is a big plus!

What You’ll Bring

  • 2+ years’ experience developing and customizing 3D rendering pipelines in real-time rendering engines.
  • A strong track record of developing professionally in C++.
  • Experience working with the data used for rendering in code.
  • Understanding of graphics APIs for desktops, e.g. OpenGL and Vulkan.
  • Strong math skills include using trigonometry and linear algebra to deal with graphics calculations and geographic coordinates.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience developing with Godot Engine.
  • Shader programming experience.
  • Experience with lighting calculations, normal mapping, and understanding concepts like world space, object space, and tangent space.

Additional Information

Battle Road is a remote-first global team that spans 3 countries. The ability to speak and write the English is a plus!

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