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Job Description

As part of the platform team, the Engineering Manager will be providing services for Athena employees as well as other Technology teams. The platform team is responsible for ensuring Athena’s engineering tools and infrastructure can scale in line with company growth (~10,000 clients and over 10,000 employees by 2030).

We are building a global team with a remote-first culture, so being able to work independently and collaborate effectively is a must.

High-level Responsibilities

  • Manage: Manage a team of engineers, including 1:1s and career development for all engineers in the team.
  • Support: Work with the team to architect, build, maintain and manage our core infrastructure and digital services as we scale.
  • Secure: Ensure the security, privacy, and reliability of our platform.

Specific Responsibilities

We are looking for an Engineering Manager who will be responsible for managing a team of engineers and contributing to technical planning and problem-solving. You will play a crucial role in shaping the overall engineering strategy of the company. This is an exciting opportunity to join our team and help develop a robust and scalable engineering culture for the organization.

  • Strong management skills, including good communication, empathy, and understanding of how to build high-performing product teams
  • Working with the team to architect, build, maintain and manage our core infrastructure and digital services as we scale
  • Ensure engineers are supported and understand how to grow and progress in their role
  • Developing engineering tools and processes; such as Git, automated testing, and continuous integration

Your Metrics

These are the metrics you will own and optimize:

  • Engineering team productivity
  • Engineering team satisfaction
  • Team satisfaction with digital services

About You

To be successful, you will need a combination of management, problem-solving, technical, and communication skills. The following experience and skills will be important for success in this role:

  • 4+ years working in a similar role and/or a degree in a computer-related field
  • Experience managing a team of 3+ engineers
  • Systems and database administration
  • Experience architecting and building digital technologies at scale
  • DevOps experience with a strong understanding of Git, automation, and CI/CD
  • Excellent understanding of security and privacy
  • Strong programming fundamentals, ideally in JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Ideally experience with no-code / low-code tools such as Zapier and Bubble
  • A continuous improvement mindset
  • Great problem-solving and collaboration skills
  • Ambitious, quick to learn, and takes ownership

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