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Job Description

The DevOps engineer is involved in all phases of the software lifecycle and is responsible for delivering work packages and functionalities that meet customer requirements. DevOps engineers shall possess ability in coding, scripting, integration, and verification around the entire lifecycle of solution delivery. DevOps Engineers should strive to develop adjacent skills and drive a continuous learning culture by sharing and promoting new ideas, approaches, and patterns across the delivery teams. They should seek opportunities to teach others how to use the tools and promote a culture of automation.

What You Will Do

The DevOps Engineer role has the following responsibilities:

  • Work closely with DevOps Architect to build a solution aligned with received ADM demands and requirements documentation.
  • Analyze the customer needs from LLD and recommend appropriate solutions based on a predefined strategy.
  • Develop an implementation proposal based on the design using development tools.
  • Make sure the SW component meets the target requirements by performing unit testing of software programs.
  • Prepare release notes for the next step, provide signed CPA and merged packages.
  • Document the code and update workflow to facilitate maintenance.
  • Perform unit/basic testing of software programs and automation.
  • Perform component testing of software programs including bug fixing, and provide support to the system testing phase.
  • Follow good security coding practices to ensure the application is free of the most common coding vulnerabilities.
  • Fixes bugs on identified environments such as IAT, SIT, UAT, and Production.
  • Focus on ALM platforms, build tools & frameworks, orchestration technologies, unit & functional test tool integration, and deployment automation technologies.
  • Support and/or participate in the acceptance procedures and tests.
  • Do necessary changes on Jira on time during SDLC.
  • Supports go-live activity with the operation team.

You will bring

The DevOps Engineer role has the following requirements:

  • An adequate degree in computer science or related disciplines; or relevant industry experience in software development activity or System Integration.
  • Have an analytical mind and be able to follow processes and work independently with minimal assistance.
  • Relevant experience in technical troubleshooting, coding and updating existing code
  • Configuration management experience
  • Experience with Java/J2ee, Spring, Hibernate
  • Experience with Web Services
  • Microservices and K8S
  • Good experience with IP Technologies

About Us

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