DataOps Engineer

Apollo Agriculture

Apollo helps farmers in emerging markets maximize their profits.

About the Role: 

We are seeking an experienced DataOps engineer that will own the deployment, reliability, and availability of our data infrastructure at Apollo. We’re building a next-gen data warehouse, and we believe stable infrastructure and fundamental tools for data pipelining, transformation, and querying are vital to our success. Data is used to inform every decision made at Apollo, and drives every business function, from sales, customer support, repayment, marketing, finance, credit, and our field agent network spread across Kenya. As Apollo scales from 100,000 farmers in Kenya to millions across Africa, and grows our portfolio of products, our data warehouse will have to support both orders of magnitude more data and more complex business needs for those data.


    • Design, implement, and deploy monitoring and alerting tools to measure data quality and availability while  reducing downtime. We want to make failures transparent  and easy to diagnose
    • Help decide the team’s product roadmap by quantitatively determining which projects will have the highest ROI toward system efficiency and stability (e.g. monitoring which well-used queries or pipelines are inefficient and could be optimized)
    • Deploy and manage tools that keep our data analysts and engineers extremely productive; you’ll have deep involvement in choosing tools and techniques in our data stack
    • Implement and own the production and staging environments to provide isolation between development and production
    • Track the biggest risks to our infrastructure and work with our team to mitigate them before they occur

DataOps Engineer – You:

    • Have experience in a DataOps/DevOps role
    • Have written and deployed code to automate and provide resiliency to production systems
    • Run production systems on AWS or an equivalent cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud, Azure)
    • Experienced with relational databases and are deeply familiar with their performance considerations (indexing, data locality, etc.)
    • Are deeply familiar with the software engineering work/deployment process
    • Have excellent written & oral communication skills
    • Are driven by the mission of transforming the livelihoods of smallholder farmers
    • Are excited to spend time with our customers and learn from them


    • Are a collaborative team of smart and ambitious people who are dedicated to serving our customers
    • Make magic happen to solve hard problems and always come with solutions when challenges arise
    • Are comfortable taking risks that can result in radical scale, and understand that failures are opportunities to learn and improve
    • Are considerate listeners and take the time to deeply understand and seek out ideas from the people around us, even when we disagree
    • Offer a dynamic environment that fosters talent, collaboration and growth
    • Take pride in our work and share the responsibility to see it through from conception to deployment
    • Back up our talk with a competitive compensation and benefits package including equity
    • Value autonomy, honesty, transparency, and respect
    • Are excited to hear from you!

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