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Q-Sourcing Servtech

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About This Job:

On behalf of our client in the petroleum industry, we are looking for a competentskilled, and experienced Data Engineer.

Q-Sourcing Limited trading as Q-Sourcing Servtec is a manpower management solutions firm operating in the East African Region in the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Job Summary:

Reports to Analytics Lead

Overall Objective Building and maintaining data pipelines that will process and clean data from internal and external sources, store that data in our data lake and make it available for analytics services


Developing systems and conducting analysis on data relating to customer behaviour, operational performance, and financial performance to enable decision-makers to make decisions to improve business performance.


The Data Engineer will have the following responsibilities:

  1. Build, own, and maintain systems to extract and present business data.
  2. Review system design documents and contribute to implementation decisions.
  3. Investigate internal and external data sources that will contribute to the Client’s customer service and decision making
  4. Assist the Analytics Lead to work with colleagues across the business to understand their data needs
  5. Architecting data pipelines to move data from different sources and centralize it in our data lake for analytics
  6. Maintaining the data pipelines
  7. Ensuring data integrity in source and destination platforms
  8. Implement monitoring tools to detect issues and measure the performance of the data pipelines
  9. Ensure compliance with data governance and security policies
  10. Establish, maintain, and monitor information security controls over data pipelines and data lake
  11. Maintain good knowledge of data processing and analytics technologies and make recommendations to continually improve our analytics stack


  1. For cloud environments, AWS is a strong preference.
  2. AWS Glue, Python, Pyspark, RDS, Lambda, S3, Athena, Quicksight
  3. ETL, ELT, data migration and cleansing processes
  4. Data Lakes, data analytics and working with large data sets.
  5. Relational databases, e.g MySQL
  6. The ability to work independently yet seek advice where required
  7. Committed to delivering excellence for customers
  8. Good level of SQL
  9. Awareness of good practices in information security and data privacy
  10. Proficient in Agile development process
  11. Ability to work in a distributed team
  12. 2+ years of data analysis or data science
  13. Working experience of at least 2 years in the field
  14. AWS qualifications are an advantage
  15. Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar

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