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About the job

Are you a skilled developer, DevOps professional, or architect seeking to be hired with top-tier Enterprise companies? Join our Elastic Team, as a Data Engineer, where innovation meets opportunity. Distributed has curated the world’s premier freelance developer community, redefining the freelancing experience with unmatched benefits.

Why Choose Elastic Team?

  • Access High-Profile Projects: Elevate your career by working on cutting-edge projects with industry giants like BT, Capita, and BBC. While joining the community doesn’t guarantee immediate project placement, it ensures expedited access to groundbreaking opportunities.
  • Selective Onboarding: Joining the Elastic Team as a Data Engineer involves a thorough assessment process. Successful candidates become part of a dynamic community, gaining consideration for customer-centric projects.

The Elastic Team Experience

  • Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Once approved, collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including engineers, QAs, designers, data scientists, and analysts.
  • Real-World Impact: Work on projects that impact real-world scenarios, from writing program codes to testing products in controlled environments before deployment.

Enterprise Trusts Elastic Team

Proudly serving Enterprise giants such as Capita, BT, BBC, NHS, Virgin, Money, BP, Master Card, Tesco, and Suzuki, Elastic Team is the go-to platform for delivering user-centric products.

How to Join:

As you click apply you’ll be guided to do the following

  • Subscribe to our assessment platform
  • Complete our basic assessments to qualify for Elastic Team Community membership.
  • Upon approval, be part of a select group considered for exciting, customer-centric projects.

Why Elastic Team?

  • Unmatched Variety: Enjoy the variety and freedom of freelancing without compromising on benefits.
  • Tech Excellence: Access the most exciting tech projects and build a freelance career as we scale our organization.

Join Our Elastic Team Today!

We’re actively seeking developers, DevOps professionals, and architects to join our projects. Be part of a vibrant community that values your skills and fosters professional growth.

**All members are required to complete basic assessments to join the Elastic Team Community.**

About Us

Distributed is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. Employees and contractors, as well as prospective employees and contractors, will all be treated equally and fairly. Distributed is committed to ensuring no less favourable treatment is experienced by any current or prospective employee because of any of the protected characteristics under the UK Equality Act 2010 or equivalent local equality legislation.

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