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Enabling Africa to transform the world, by empowering our ecosystem through data & fostering opportunities for 1B lives.

The role:

The successful Data Analyst will be working in our dynamic team of geospatial data scientists, machine learning engineers, researchers, and data analysts, where collaboration and competence are at the core of everything we do. Our approach to problem-solving is deeply rooted in scientific principles, with a keen focus on generating meaningful outcomes that address real-world challenges. We are dedicated to designing innovative methodologies and analytics workflows, rigorously experimenting, and consistently measuring and evaluating the accuracy of our results.

Our commitment extends beyond technological advancement. By working closely with the Engineering, Operations, Business, and Product teams, we ensure that our solutions are strategically aligned with our company’s goals, and make a significant positive impact on society.

The type of work you will be doing:

The Data Analyst role has the following responsibilities:

  • Data Interpretation and Analysis: interpret data and insights from our platform and translate them into compelling data stories, often finding the needle in a haystack in mounds of data and information
  • Data Cleaning & Transformations: perform data cleaning & precise data transformations to generate project-specific datasets that align with customer needs, ensuring tailored and impactful insights
  • Dashboards and Reports: build enterprise-ready, compelling dashboards and reports on Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, and our proprietary web application, ensuring accessibility and comprehensibility of data and insights
  • Data Validation: ensure data integrity by validating, cross-checking and cleaning the data as needed
  • Data Maintenance and Optimization: responsible for maintaining the health and performance of our databases, as well as optimizing data retrieval and storage processes
  • User feedback analysis: engage with the Business and Product teams to integrate feedback, driving continuous improvement in data visualisation and utility

What you will need:

You will love solving problems and helping others derive insights out of complex datasets through dashboards, data stories, insights, and reports. You have an interest in geospatial and environmental data. You enjoy transforming data into knowledge and actionable insights. Most importantly, you are impact-driven and you understand our mission and want to be part of our journey in enabling Africa to transform the world, by empowering our ecosystem through data and fostering opportunities for a billion lives.

Proven experience in data analysis and can demonstrate:

The Data Analyst role has the following requirements:

  • Solid experience in and knowledge of Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI, having built your dashboards
  • Experience with spatial analysis and GIS tools (e.g., QGIS, ArcGIS)
  • Understanding of statistical concepts
  • Proficiency in SQL and programming skills in Python or R
  • Understanding of data science and analysis principles
  • Analytical skills in picking out and understanding key insights from the data
  • Documentation and project management skills
  • Business acumen and awareness to help understand the implications and ROI of insights and data stories
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills to deliver data-driven insights at an executive level
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Geospatial Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.)
  • Embody Amini’s mission, vision, and values

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