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This is a great opportunity for Coders – AI Training to supplement your income while looking for longer or more full-time work, all while contributing to the development of new AI models using your domain expertise!

Our client has hired over 100 BT Talent and intends to hire hundreds more!

As the Coders – AI Training, you’ll have the flexibility to work as much or as little as you choose – 20 hours/week is suggested, but not a limit. Start working in as little as 48 hours.

What to expect:

If qualified, you’ll complete an ID verification & be invited to complete a 30-minute technical interview, typically scheduled within 48 hours of being invited. The interview will consist of technicals, choosing from JS, Java, C++, and Python. If you successfully pass the interview, you’ll be approved and able to begin work ASAP. Otherwise, the next step will be to complete an async rating & writing assessment.

In both scenarios, you will be compensated for completing the assessment, up to $175.

Required qualifications:

  • Complete fluency in the English language is required. You should be able to describe code and abstract information clearly.
  • Proficiency working with any of the following:
  • Python, Java, JavaScript / TypeScript, SQL, C/C++/C# and/or HTML

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent. Students are welcome.
  • Proficiency working with any of the following (in addition to the languages above):
  • Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, Matlab, PHP, HTML, DART, R, Apex, and Shell
  • Data Science experience

Note: Scale AI is partnering with Remotasks for this opportunity

What You’ll Be Working On

Our client has partnered with organizations to train AI large language models, helping cutting-edge generative AI models write better code.

  • Example projects might include:
  • Evaluating the quality of AI-generated code, including human-readable summaries of your rationale
  • Solve coding problems, writing functional and efficient code
  • Optimize code to run at maximum efficiency
  • Writing robust test cases to confirm code works efficiently and effectively
  • Writing human-readable summaries of coding problems
  • Writing explanations of how code can solve problems and evaluate various solution approaches

No previous experience with AI is necessary! You will receive detailed instructions on what is expected of you after you complete the application and verification process.

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