Blockchain Developer

Adanian Labs

We are an AI, Blockchain, and Smart Technologies Venture Studio that builds nurtures, and scales impact-driven tech startups across Africa.

Adanian Labs provides consulting services to develop turnkey enterprise solutions using state of the art technologies.

We help companies achieve their business goals through digital transformation and optimization. Ada labs aims to fill the knowledge gap in Africa and facilitate  tech knowledge transfer while solving Africa’s challenges.

We create and implement innovative strategies to improve the general operation of a business or strongly position it for future disruption, by streamlining internal services, products, parts and processes to generate optimum performance and vertical integration.

We are seeking Blockchain Developers, based in Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania to work with our Africa Blockchain center teams.

Blockchain Developer – What You’ll Do

  • Specify, implement, test, and audit platform upgrades and additions.

  • Work effectively with a high degree of autonomy, within a collaboratively minded team.

  • Keep attuned to the rapidly evolving blockchain /crypto space and introduce innovative functionality.

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with other teams, including engineering (internal and external).

  • Carry out research on data science and product management.

  • Develop stable smart contracts to be deployed in the server.

  • Maintain and extend current client and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic.

  • Assist in developing the architecture of nodes to be deployed.

  • Develop knowledge and ability to work with truffle, ganache and multiple blockchain protocols.

  • Analyze transaction and usage statistics to identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

  • Any other duties assigned.

Blockchain Developer – Who You are

  • Experience with blockchain development and with languages like Solidity, Python, C++ and Java

  • Experience working with open-source projects

  • An ability to learn new languages and new patterns in the blockchain industry

  • Familiarity with structured and unstructured databases, Backend development (smart contract development), deployment, finally shell scripting.

  • Effective communication, good time management, mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Familiarity with cryptography, crypto-economic protocols and P2P networks

  • Solid grasp of core principles of object-oriented design and applications within distributed environments.

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