Backend Engineer


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The Backend Engineer role has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain Safety & Back-Office tooling and integrations to support various teams including Trust & Safety, Data, Product, Engineering, and Customer Experience.
  • Address compliance issues such as GDPR and other data regulations.
  • Implement fraud and spam detection measures including verification and KYC.
  • Create automation and alerting systems to detect and respond to anomalies in data.
  • Enhance Developer Experience tooling for improved efficiency.
  • Oversee internal safety checks and profile moderation.
  • Manage internal Customer Service tooling (Retool).


The Backend Engineer role has the following requirements:

  • Build and sustain essential services utilizing TypeScript, AWS (DynamoDB) etc.
  • Oversee integrations with third-party services and ensure adherence to SLAs.
  • Monitor critical metrics, establish suitable protocols, and take responsive actions as needed.
  • Provide support to key stakeholders in Legal, Compliance, Trust & Safety, and Security roles to facilitate goal attainment.
  • Prioritize and address Trust and Safety-related incidents and reports promptly.
  • Enhance system design and architecture to guarantee optimal stability and performance across all services.
  • Interest in data tooling and pipelines.
  • Experience in machine learning and/or artificial intelligence.


  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.
  • Proficiency in handling large-scale distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with data storage systems and queries.
  • Ability to adapt and explore new technologies and emerging areas.


  • Flexible working hours and a fully remote work environment.
  • Learning & development budget.
  • On-demand therapy sessions and mental health support.
  • & more!

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