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Technology solutions for development organizations. Builders of Ona Data, Canopy, and OpenSRP.

About Ona.

The world’s leading humanitarian, development, and global health actors rely on Ona to improve their impact and accountability. We build technology that affords new opportunities for organizations to be increasingly collaborative, data-driven, and accountable to the people they serve. Our dedicated tools and advisory services help address some of the world’s greatest challenges, including maternal and child health, education, community resilience, environmental sustainability, access to infrastructure, and government accountability.

Our core software products include a mobile data collection tool called Ona Data, an enterprise analytics service called Canopy, a data visualization and storytelling platform Akuko, and a mobile health app called OpenSRP. We work with partners to bundle our products with other tools into full-fledged data solutions that improve clients’ effectiveness and their impact at scale.


We are looking for an Analytics Engineer to join our growing Analytics team, where we support our clients’, decision making by creating tools and data pipelines that simplify and augment their work. The selected candidate will join a highly motivated and technically savvy team who is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of data tools across Ona’s global project portfolio.

The Analytics Engineer will work at the intersection of data manipulation and visualization, being responsible for bringing to life robust, efficient, and integrated data models and dashboards.  We work as consultants to our clients; therefore the ideal candidate must combine robust data analysis expertise with a deep interest in global development issues and strong communication skills. The role will require the ability to blend business acumen with technical expertise and transition between business strategy and data development.

In our global projects, we partner with organizations like the WHO, UNICEF, and FCDO and are looking for people who are truly passionate about the potential of technology to drive positive change.

This role will report to the Director of Analytics.

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Analytics engineering. Write queries and data pipelines to extract and combine information across datasets using a variety of technologies and tools (e.g., SQL, DBT). Suggest strategies to improve data structures and retrieval of critical information.
  • Data tools development. Deliver reports, ad-hoc queries, and/or dashboards for operational and management reporting at scale, using Ona’s supported data visualization tools.
  • Data collection design. Author XLSForms and define data collection strategies for client projects to simplify the collection process and minimize data cleaning.
  • Requirements gathering. Engage directly with client staff to clarify, and document client reporting needs, combining the technical analysis skills with critical thinking and understanding of the subject matter.
  • Data architecture. Contribute in designing the information architecture and data warehouse structure required for the delivery of each project.
  • Database management. Implement database management policies on behalf of clients, in collaboration with other teams.
  • Training. Offer client training and ongoing support to help them take advantage of Ona’s products and solutions.
  • Project collaboration. Drive the completion of data deliverables, escalating needs with Ona’s project team and senior management team whenever appropriate.
  • Product innovation. Provide regular input in the development of Ona’s proprietary analytics software, suggesting feature improvements based on client needs.
  • Advanced data analysis. When required, perform analysis on large datasets, including data exploration, trending, and modeling.

Analytics Engineer – Capabilities.

  • Passionate. Deep passion to improve lives around the world using technology.
  • Analytical. Strong analytical mindset and intellectual curiosity, combining data-driven problem solving with the capacity to understand the subject matter for our clients.
  • Technically-savvy. Robust technical skills in data analysis and data visualization.
  • Detail-oriented. Able to consistently deliver correct results, in line with company policies and expectations.
  • Communicator. Comfortable interacting with clients and presenting deliverables in a professional setting.
  • Open. Open to feedback and proactive in gaining skills and knowledge across new tools and technologies.
  • Fun. A positive attitude and sense of humor will not hurt 🙂

Analytics Engineer – Key requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, e.g., Computer Science, Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT, Economics, Social Science or Engineering, etc.
  • At least 3 years’ work experience in the data space, e.g., data analysis, BI, Analytics development, etc.
  • Experience developing data visualizations, dashboards, and reports using widely adopted data analytics or business intelligence platforms (e.g., Superset, Tableau, PowerBI).
  • Proficiency with SQL and SQL-inspired declarative query languages, ideally with experience working with large datasets (on relational as well as non-relational data stores).
  • Sharp analytical skills and problem-solving abilities, especially with data ingestion, cleansing and transformations.


  • Advanced degrees in a relevant field, e.g., Computer Science, Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT, Economics, Social Science or Engineering.
  • Familiarity with database modeling and data warehousing principles.
  • Work experience in client-facing teams (e.g., management consulting)
  • Comfort working with modern cloud database technologies (e.g., AWS, Azure)
  • Software development skills in Python or R.
  • Advanced statistical modeling and/or machine learning experience.
  • Knowledge and experience working with agile methodologies and/or with project management tools (e.g., Wrike, Atlassian,  Avaza, GitHub).

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