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6 Ways Freelance Web Developers Can Stand Out

Upwork and many other freelancing platforms offer web developers an opportunity to showcase their capabilities infront of thousands of potential clients.

These are platforms where your portfolio, core competencies and other data receive far more visibility than it would have in your personal website or social media profile.

But even though these platforms are giving you a space to be noticed, it’s becoming harder by the day to standout as more and more people join.

The following tips will help you create a freelance presence that forces potential clients to notice you.

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  1. Take More Tests on Upwork

Upwork provide tests in various competencies for freelancer developers to prove their experience and expertise. Developers are encouraged to take more of these tests and to ensure they illustrate the widest possible range of skills.

This will make clients feel confident on hiring you as they don’t want to risk their projects on developers who are not professional.

2. Advertise Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

It communicates in few words why your web development skills and talents surpasses those of competitors.Here list your most impressive skills and identify the results you have attained for previous clients.

Place your USP at the start of your profile for it to be the first thing for potential clients to see.

3. Add Your Photo

Profiles with photos are 11 times more likely to be viewed as compared to those without. The photo you upload should be professional.

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4. Create a Specific Job Tittle

Specific and attractive tittle will help you stand out among thousands of competing web developers.

It tells clients more of your capabilities.

5. Establish Your Rates With Growth in Mind

You might begin with charging low rates if you are new to Upwork until you build your reputation.

Once clients see a pattern of demonstrated success you will be confident to charge more for your services. When deciding your charges, put into consideration many factors including average rates in the industry.

6. Choose Your Skills Carefully

Upwork allows freelancers to select 10 skills to showcase in their profiles. Always consider choosing skills that identifies you to be unique among others.   

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